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To do good




The fatherless


The oppressor


For the widow

Learn & Grow
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The Quintessential Catalyst to Elevation

One of the biggest determinants of the outcome of a situation or challenge is the strategy, approach, methodology, style, technique, or tactics applied. Your philosophy and approach to life make your future predictable with a low probability of error. It is common knowledge in aviation that the degree of accuracy of an aircraft's final approach to the runway can make all the difference between a "Mayday" and safe arrival.

Our willingness or eagerness to render requested assistance depends on how we were approached or asked. Great attitude shines through from the heart, and genuine respect is a true mark of humility and maturity. It takes humility to recognize when you are in an impossible situation, and without help, there would be no hope. And some people, though in a clearly hopeless state and in desperate need of redemptive intervention, would still hold their heads high in subjective dishonesty and pretentious oblivion to their impending doom.

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